23 years of experience

We Create and Build

With a collection of thoughts, feelings and ideas we build sustainable and green solutions. We plan and execute developmental projects for tourism, destinations and the economic sector. We make sure projects come to life with wholesome marketing campaigns. We are a successful development and marketing agency.


Our knowledge is based on three decades of work on development projects and in marketing.


Creativity is written in our genes. We give content and story to the projects we take on.


We are persistent, full of passion and positivity towards our work. We always strive to offer the best solutions.

We work creatively and responsibly

Variety and differences are the spice of life. Breaking the routine is a move away from predictability and a way to the extraordinary. Discovering the unknown is progress – it’s growth! Every experience enriches us and is the ingredient for widening our horizons. For those special achievements in life we must dare, we must be creative and work hard. We believe and prove again and again that we know how to do our job and know how to strive for mature and useful solutions.

We at LAJF know, that creativity and experiences are the corner stones of the development of human needs. Therefore we plan and create conditions, which are essential for useful and sustainable solutions in tourism, for destinations and the economic sector. We develop, build and market for a successful and happy society. We include content and marketing campaigns into the processes of planning and development.  We “revive” products in tourism, give them purpose, make them recognisable and  functional on the market. 


Focused on the Future

We are, on the basis of our knowledge and prior experiences, focused on sustainable and green solutions as well as on successful marketing solutions for tourism and destinations.

Development of services in tourism

We develop adventure services in the tourism sector. We create successful tourism trademarks and work in marketing.

Destination design

On the basis of careful destination observation, research of its potential and capabilities, spatial analysis, we create a strategy and elements of a destination.

Development of products in tourism

We conduct a local analysis of opportunities in tourism, develop local products, design trademarks, arrange sales and promotional channels.

Planning in tourism

We develop a strategy for tourism destinations, towns and the economic sector. We analyse and plan as well as put together the steps for future goals.

Marketing campaigns

We plan marketing campaigns on all levels. We have an excellent knowledge of sales channels and our solutions are efficient. We are great!

Design of communication elements

We design and develop all necessary communicational elements for a successful position and sales on the market. For destinations and for tourism sector.

Developing concepts and telling stories

We tell and revive stories. We create and develop stories for products in tourism, touristic attractions, museums, ...

Designing space with content

We design spatial solutions for hospitality sector. We create spatial contents for touristic attractions, museums and galleries. We design content for social spaces.

We plan and build for people

We understand that there will be an inevitable need in the future for cycling, walking, trail running and thematic trails as well as other types of experiences and activities in nature. We create active and sustainable solutions for future generations. The future will without a doubt be active and energetically less wasteful. We will cycle more, walk and explore more and give attention to a variety of new experiences.

Pri načrtovanju in razvoju skrbimo za rešitve in produkte, ki bogatijo okolje in ponujajo človeku nova spoznanja. Our work is based on the correct understanding of a destination, environment – location, theme and human needs. We create solutions which are the basis for sustainable and appropriate cycling, walking and experience content. We offer solutions in the form of products that are placed on the market, we take care of appropriate recognition and successful sales. 


For a happier society

Activities in a natural environment are seen by us as an inevitable need in the future. We plan, build and market solutions for next generations.

Development of biking trails

We plan, develop and implement biking trails and thematic walking paths. We have our own system of planning and creating trails.

Digitalization of trails and paths

We create digital trails and similar elements/applications - online user experiences. Processing and editing of data.

Cycling strategy

We plan cycling development projects for tourism sector, destinations and towns and execute appropriate goals.

Development of cycling products

We develop cycling products for various types of cycling. Products that are appropriate for a certain type of user - cyclist.

Long-distance trails planning

We plan and implement long-distance cycling and walking trails. We connect towns, destinations and regions into a unique story.

Thematic adventure trails

We plan and implement thematic trails, which are founded on the basis of children's tales and stories, attractive legends and local environment.

Development of cycling destinations

We dig deeper into the environment, study the destination and on the basis of the analyses begin developing a certain cycling destination. All is possible!

Marketing campaigns

Each product requires marketing campaigns and sales. Analyses show that every second project dies out due to inappropriate marketing.

Creative solutions are our mantra

Our distinction is that we are creative. We know modern technological environment as well as understand both urban and natural environments. We know how to entwine creative processes on several levels. Here we are mostly real, we are WE, for we understand aesthetics, recognise well thought out interiors, efficient forms as well as the dynamic and constant changes of the environment in which we work.

We have a department for design and creative solutions. We have all the necessary technology and we are people who have knowledge. Based on our knowledge of marketing, we create stories, communication elements, develop images and devise visual solutions. We also carry out creative work in the great outdoors, where we prepare photographic, video and multimedia content.


Creating images

We design trademarks, develop content and create a desired image. We take care of marketing campaigns, product content and sales.

Design and management of trademarks

We design and build trademarks for tourism products, destinations and the economic sector. Trademark is "the heart" that we nurture.

Design of visual elements

We develop ideas of visual elements, design catalogs, pos material and create corporate identities. We create and brand an image.

Design of products

We develop promotional products and products in tourism. We create a corporate identity, packaging and other sales elements. We develop marketing channels.

Promotional campaigns

We create promotional and sales campaigns for destinations and the economic sector in tourism. We use a full range of available sales channels.

Preparation of content

We prepare contents that are needed for classic and social communicational channels. We create stories and develop "storytelling".

Social channels

We are excellent in understanding modern communicational channels. We follow the development and create marketing campaigns on social channels.

Influencer projects

We create stories and marketing campaigns with influencers for promotional purposes. We carry out scouting and create and manage projects.

PR activities

We carry out and organize press conferences, prepare reports for the media and create PR campaigns. We design special visual B2B elements.

Differences are the spice of life

Our solutions are built on solid foundations: knowledge, creativity, knowing the environment and efficient technologies as well as three decades of work. 


22 years of work in a creative environment. We create and actively experience nature.


We have carried out over 300 projects and solutions in tourism and in the economic sector. Today, we build efficient and sustainable solutions for people and the environment on the foundation of our rich experiences.  


We work as a team of experts in various fields as well as a team of numerous practical life skills. 

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